Seer’s Isle Releases Sept 18

Seer’s Isle Releases Sept 18

Announced today, Nova-box’s new visual novel, Seers Isle will be launching on and Steam on September 18th. Along with this release date announcement was a new trailer, showing off more of the game’s gorgeous art:


A group of shaman apprentices land on the shores of a sacred island to be initiated to magic. As they progress through the wilderness, looking for the “Seers”, their spirit-guides, they realize they’re not alone. Who is this strange horned woman they are seeing in their dreams?

Throughout your adventures in the game Seers Isle, your choices impact the fate of a group of characters. Dreams, fantasy, magic and shamanism are central to every decision: your choices will influence the various story paths and endings, depending on your favorites characters, for a high replayability of the game.

As I’ve said before, I’ve got a huge amount of trust in Nova-box. Visual novels can be tricky to make into something truly special, but their previous game, Along The Edge, was exactly that. In many ways, Along the Edge challenged my assumptions of visual novels, and playing that game has made me check out many more visual novels than I would have before. The biggest take away from Along the Edge is that Nova-box made your choices truly matter, and the decisions you made had a tremendous impact on the direction of your play through. I’m hoping for more of this from Seers Isle.

Read our full review of Along the Edge Here. Want to know more? Why not check out our Interview with writer Geoffrey Vincens, where we talk about Along The Edge’s narrative, choice and the visual novel genre.

Seers Isle is coming out on and Steam on the September 18th 2018 for $12.99.

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