Second Trailer for The Forest Terrifies

Second Trailer for The Forest Terrifies

I’m a big fan of survival-horror, so when I first heard about The Forest, it of course became a permanent blip on my radar. However, when a second trailer was released this week, that blip becoming a massive flood light. What seemed to be a survival-sim with a hint of survival-horror thrown in as a garnish has instead become a full blown survival-sim….which seems to be taking place on Cannibal Death Island.


The game looks gorgeous, no doubt about it, and what we can see of the gathering, construction, and survival mechanics of the game all seem up to snuff. However, at the 27 second mark, things get really f**king ominous. Lighting what appears to be an effigy of human body parts on fire, the player ushers in a veritable horde of cannibal-esq enemies (I particularly love the touch of the CD necklace on a couple of them).

But this isn’t even the best bit. The best bit is the part you can’t even see, and I’m not talking about the music and sound design (which appear to be phenomenal).

SKS Games clearly knows how to scare us silly.

The final second of the trailer before the cut to the minimalist title screen “shows” us some sort of hulking beast, undestinguishable and blurry. SKS Games seems to understand that not showing us things is scarier than us seeing them, at least as far as this trailer is concerned. This philosophy worked incredibly well for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and I hope they continue this trend in the game itself.

The Forest is set to release in 2013, and, having been successfully Greenlit on Steam, will be released for PC with Occulus Rift support.

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