Rack N Ruin coming to PS4 and PC

Rack N Ruin coming to PS4 and PC

If you are looking for a bit of nostalgic indie game play in a brand new package, Rack N Ruin might be just the place to scratch that itch. Developed by Life Spark entertainment, Rack N Ruin was recently announced to be coming to both the PC and PS4 after a lengthy three years in development. While the most exact release date is “Soon” at this point, the game, which sees you commanding a pint-sized demon on a quest to destroy the world, is expected in the near future:

Rack N Ruin is a top-down, action adventure game infused with a classic shmup. Its got all the trappings of a great action adventure game — a detailed open world, dungeons, puzzles, secrets, bosses, and numerous, curious items. However Rack N Ruin doesn’t play like your typical hack and slash. The shooter style combat is fast and hectic, with your highly capable character being set against deadly aggressive enemies. So get ready to embark on a quest to save the worl… oh, wait. I forgot to mention: you aren’t the good guy here.

The game begins with Rack, the evilest evil doer in the history of evil — a title he totally earns — sent by Ruin, the lord and the dark master of the universe, to a pristine and innocent planet with orders to enslave its inhabitants. He quickly begins corrupting the world — morphing its once lush fields into a twisted nightmare. This increases Rack’s power, but also transforms its tranquil animals into deadly, feral demons. On his quest Rack will not only do battle with the champions of good, but also the demons that he has created.

I had the chance to play Rack N Ruin at last years PAXEast, and the game was great fun. As i mentioned, it is incredibly nostalgic, and has a great sense of humor. It controls well, has a good number of upgrades and weapons to keep collecting and using to slay your enemies, and a wonderful sense of style. If you love games like The Legend of Zelda or The Binding of Isaac, Rack N Ruin would be a good place to find some fun!

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