Punch Club 2 and More Announced

Punch Club 2 and More Announced

Announced on Friday, The sequel to Lazy Bear Games studio and tinyBuilds Punch Club, Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, is on the way.

While details are sparse, we know that it’ll be releasing in 2017 and that it’ll be set in the future!

While the details on Punch Club 2, might have been sparse, there’s a ton of stuff that’s come out surrounding the original game.

First, a documentary about Lazy Bear Games Studio was released, which not only was the source of the announcement of Punch Club 2, but also offers a bit of an explanation from the developers own mouths as to their goals and their history as friends and developers.

It’s right up our alley, and is a great watch is you have the half hour.


Additional, a new easy mode was added to Punch Club following player feedback, though it is very clearly not the developer’s original vision of the game:

The biggest complaint we’re getting from players is the design choice to go for stat decay. This means that your character’s stats decay with time, and you need to make sure they’re always in good standing. This is a deliberate design choice with a ton of in-game algorithms tied to it. We totally understand players’ frustrations, and after a 500-comment thread on the forum, decided to add an EASY MODE to Punch Club.

Punch Club Easy Mode has no stat decay

– We explicitly do not recommend playing it as it makes the game non-challenging

– Achievements are disabled in this mode



Ladders have also been added to the Steam Workshop, allowing players to create their own custom ladders of fighters that can be  shared with the rest of the Steam user base. More information can be found here.

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