Project Zomboid Team Sets Sights On Q1/2015 Release

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Last week Project Zomboid developers Indiestone released an impressive update (Build 30) to their test branch just in time for the masses to die-a-plenty over the US holiday break. Build 30 introduced a complex injury and medical treatment system along with the inclusion of TurboTuTone’s “Erosion Mod” into the primary build.

Today the team talks about the road forward to their 1.0 launch, the addition of a new developer, and what to expect in the next few months. While devs explain that the frequency of build releases may slow, the content changes will be substantial as vehicles, radio and TVs, NPCs and game interface are on the near To-Do list.

Here is a list of our priorities over the next few months, after we get build 31 and it’s Kill You Before The End Game[] evilness we detailed a while back, in the likely guestimate at when they will likely drop into the builds:

Stealth Gameplay – Creeping behind fences, peeking and shooting around corners, and all that good stuff. Will shake up the looting game significantly.

TV + Radio – Keep your character from the brink by watching kids shows on the telly, keep them informed by listening to the news on the radio, or maybe even learn a few cooking and crafting tips?

Vehicles – Finally make the long trip between West  Point and Muldraugh in comfort, mow down zombies en route. Siphon gas, and make sure you have a mechanic within your group!

NPCs – Finally. Yes they are being worked on. They are always being worked on. We know. We know!

UI Overhaul – The old UI has served us well, but we have many ideas to vastly improve the PZ game experience, as well as making joypad specific UIs to give joypad players and split-screeners a more comfortable and fluid gaming experience. We’re in talks with a certain company who made a phenomenal UI for another game, and are excited to think what they will be able to bring to ours.

…and of course the map completion, but it’s not clear at this stage if this will appear in stages throughout other things, or we’ll put it in all at once, so I struggle to figure out where to put it in the list above.

To help us in our efforts in marching toward the 1.0 line, we decided we may need some additional help. So why don’t y’all welcome TurboTuTone to the PZ dev team? I know we have! As his first tentative steps into the behemoth that is the PZ codebase, and tackling integrating Will’s extensive TV and Radio channels into the game. Hurrah! Welcome Turbo!

Source: Project Zomboid Announcement Page

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