Postmortem: Burly Men At Sea

Postmortem: Burly Men At Sea

A little while back, we had to opportunity to sit down with David and Brooke Condolora, the husband and wife team that form the Indie Development Studio called Brain&Brain. Burly Men At Sea was one of my favorite games of last year, full of whimzy, wonder and the joy of telling stories.

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While we did interview Brooke last year to talk about her art style and process, we hadn’t discussed Burly Men At Sea as a complete package, and we interested in learning more about how the launch of such a unique game went. So, we sat down and talked about what went right, what went wrong, what they’d do different, and why they choose to take on the added task of turning this game into a hardcover book.

This is our first postmortem discussion with an indie development team, but it’s something we’d love to do more! If you’ve got any suggestions on how to best conduct these, or know of an Indie Team you’d like for us to talk to in this vein, let us know in the comments below!



Our thanks again to David and to Brooke for talking with us and opening up about their experience with Burly Men at Sea!

Brain&Brain have just launched a Patreon, so if you’d like to support the Condolora’s work, head on over and make a pledge!

Burly Men At Sea is Currently Available on  SteamItch.ioHumble, PS4/PSVita and Mobile.

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