Playing Catch Up With Domina

Playing Catch Up With Domina

Some times, a game comes along that you can only ask how you hadn’t heard of it sooner. It’s a game that is right up your alley, scratching an itch you didn’t know you had and offering something the other game in your bloated Steam library have yet to give you.

Domina, being created by Dolphin Barn, is one of those games;



Now, I might be forgiven for not hearing about Domina sooner, since it’s still very much in early development, but the teasers  and brief glimpses of mechanics we have seen thus far give me high hopes. This is a team management game in all its stat-heavy glory, and with my degree in Classical Archaeology, I’m a sucker for anything touching on the Roman world, let alone anything making fun of the sword and sandal epics of both the big and small screen. I mean, clearly Starz’ Spartacus is being satirized I that trailer….and I love it.

Domina is an arena battler and political wrangling simulator. Players must buy/sell/train/fight gladiators and manage political relationships to maximize opportunities and thus victories in the arena. Each gladiator can be trained for specific weapons and styles of combat while the player maintains an eye on resource allocation, political tides, and maintaining a balance between short term and long term goals. The plot combines rogue-like elements that can help or hinder the evolution of the player’s ludus from obscurity to glamour and fame.


We’ve gotten a glimpse via twitter of a selection of the armor you’ll be able to equip your gladiators with…

…as well as two possible upgrades to your ludus to help you train your gladiators: a palus and, apparently, fire. Just….fire.


 This is an indie game, about Roman gladiators, and there clearly is going to be some punny humor.  I’m already in love with Domina.

Domina is still very much in pre-alpha, and there is no timeline for release on PC. The games core information can be found here, and updates have been showing up with some regularity on bignic’s twitter.

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