Playcrafting @ PAX East

Playcrafting @ PAX East

We’re fans of Playcrafting here at IndieHangover: They are an organization dedicated to fostering thriving communities of game developers across the United States, they put on one heck of a con last summer, and they’re bring a slew of awesome games and a heck of a party to PAX East this year!

The Playcrafting Booth (Booth #19135) at this year’s PAX East will be showcasing 9 very different indie games on the rise from across the U.S.  You can expect to find us there throughout the weekend, as well as at the PREGAMER party, at Laugh Boston, right next to the convention center, on Wednesday, April 4th. There will be over 30 games on display at this party…plus, you know…adult beverages…

Here’s the list of games that’ll be on display:

Brains Taste Good by Calvert Creates

Bunny Blocker by Lit AF Games


Feeble Force by Fletcher’s Games

Flock of Dogs by Max Clark


Hexile  by Dystrophic

Just One Boss by Ayla Myers

Mondrian – Plastic Reality  by Lantana Games


Return to the Stars by Festive Ninja


The Ultimate Clap Back by Mot & Dot


If you’re interested in attending the Pregamer Party, visit the official webpage for full details.

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