Play NYC Spotlight: Mushroom Wars 2

Play NYC Spotlight: Mushroom Wars 2

IndieHangover was recently at Play NYC on August 19th and 20th. This was the first year of Play NYC, a two-day, games focused convention put on by Playcrafting. We’ve got a host of new indie games to spotlight over the next week or two, so make sure to stay tuned!

It only makes sense that my first spotlight is the very first game I saw at Play NYC. I began the weekend with Mushroom Wars 2 by Zillion Whales.


Mushroom Wars 2, a sequel to Mushroom Wars for the PS3 released back in 2009, is an interesting blend of Real time strategy and MOBA mechanics. At it’s core, the game is about controlling buildings. This is done by sending armies from your own strutctures to an uncontrolled or enemy building. It is, quite simply, a numbers game, where you need more soldiers in the building

Each map has a series of buildings. There are three varieties of structures: villages produce units, towers  act as turrets and forges allow you to upgrade your army.

Before the battle begins, you also get to select a hero. There are eight total heroes, two each from four mushroom tribes. They include alien psychic Mushrooms, necrotic fungus sorcerers, feral mushroom warrior women, and a mushroom toting around a cannon.

Mechanically, the heroes all work the same way, and don’t actually appear on the battlefield. Each of the heroes have four unique skills, which they use mana to spend. How do you gain ana? Whelp, when your warriors die they, *clears throat*, “sacrifice their souls to fill the hero­ meter with mana”.

There is some serious grimdark hidden in this game…

Mushroom Wars 2 has both a single player campaign (Episode 1 has around 60 maps, on 5 different worlds. Episode 2, 3 and 4 will be available as DLC later on) and multiplayer, both local and online, laddered and skirmish.

Aesthetically, Mushroom Wars 2 has a style that reminded me of Redwall; cute, woodland fungus creatures who just happened to be armed, armored and ready to send wave after wave of warriors at each other in a desperate battle for survival. Cute, with just a hint of medieval dark-fantasy. While I definitely liked the design of some of the heroes more than others, they’re all high quality, and the sprites of both the warriors and buildings are colorful and fun, while being clear and recognizable in the chaos of battle.

Mushroom Wars 2 has already launched on iOS and Android platforms, with a planned release on Steam (currently in closed beta testing), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to follow.

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