Play NYC Spotlight: Burgal’s Bounty

Play NYC Spotlight: Burgal’s Bounty

IndieHangover was recently at Play NYC on August 19th and 20th. This was the first year of Play NYC a two day games focused convention put on by Playcrafting. We’ve got a host of new indie games to spotlight over the next week or two, so make sure to stay tuned!

Our goal at IndieHangvoer is not only to spotlight cool indie games and tell you what we think of them, but also to highlight the interesitng, inspiring and often times humourous tales behind these games and the people that make them.

I was told one such tale by Blair Pyle of Phat Games at Play NYC. Blair is the Director of Phat Games and Lead Designer of Burgal’s Bounty, a puzzle game with boss fights, interesting mechanics, and an art style the demanded I ask for the background story…



Burgal’s Bounty has been evolving/in development for a long time, and its history goes back 16 years. Blair’s first version of the game, then called Phat Professional Burglar, was created for DOS in QBasic. Later on, he created an updated version for the Windows Phone, but it’s when the game was making the move to Android in 2015 that the story of Burgal’s Bounty got interesting.

Two months after it was launched for android, Burgal’s Bounty was pulled from the Play Store when the development team found out that the artist working on the game had provided him with art work that was stolen from other sources. The version of the game that exists now had to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, with new aesthetics, artwork and music.

While this was undoubtedly a set back, it gave Phat Games a chance to rebuild and re-balance many of the game’s puzzles, add in a complete story campaign, create additional game modes and introduce to games interesting take on boss fights. In the end, that set back may have been the best thing to happen to Burgal’s Bounty!

Mechanically, the game brings a couple of very interesting puzzle game mechanics. The primary mechanic of Burgal’s Bounty is directed movement. You’re dropped into a level with numerous blue arrows that’ll change the direction you move. You have a set number of orange up, down, left and right arrows that you can place to propel Burgal around the map, collecting loot and treasure.

After clearing enough levels, you’ll run into the other cool mechanic at play: the game’s boss battles. These take the puzzle game in a very interesting direction, where you’ll have to manipulate not only your own character’s movements throughout the level, but many of the effects being thrown at you by the boss. Here’s a early look at the game’s first boss, and how this works in real time:



Burgal’s Bounty is set to be released some time this fall or winter for iOS, followed by Android. A PC/Mac version is set to follow up in 2018.

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