Piasa Games on Game Design Documents

Piasa Games on Game Design Documents

Last week, Piasa Games published a very informative and interesting tumblr post on their ideas behind the creation of a Game Design Document.The idea of planning out, keeping records and charting the changes behind your game as it grow from it infancy is incredibly cool to me, a chronic color-coder, list maker and general Type A.

If you’re working on a large scale game, one of the most important things you can do is keep an organized GDD. (Especially when you’re working with a team!)  We come up with so many little ideas over drinks, group texts, and random notepad entries and it’s easy to let these thoughts slip through the cracks if there isn’t a proper place to store them.  We had e-mails dated back to 2010 to sort through when we started writing our GDD!

It is well worth a read for any game devs working with their own GDD’s, or to any gamers wanting to know a little bit more about how games come to be made!


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