PAX Spotlight: Dungeon Munchies

PAX Spotlight: Dungeon Munchies

There are a lot of games about zombies. There are a lot of games about cooking. There are, however very few games that fill both of those requirements and exist in that Venn Diagram overlap. Dungeon Munchies exists in that space, casting you as a recently revived undead tasked by your culinary minded necromancer master to explore dungeons, gather ingredients, and slake your hunger for human flesh with more varied fare.


Dungeon Munchies is an upcoming 2D action RPG that’s all about eating delicious dishes to further explore the dungeon’s mysterious depths.

Dungeon Munchies is one of the games I found by chance at this year’s PAX East. It was being shown next to Subscribe My Adventure, and as I finished looking at that game, the developer of Dungeon Munchies grabbed my attention and before I could say “Gordon Ramsay”, I was playing a demo!

A lot of Dungeon Munchies is pretty familiar: the pixel art graphics, the controls, the music. However, the concept upon which the game founds itself is ridiculous, hilarious and just plain works: It’s your job to head out into the dungeon and slay monsters or all type to gather materials to cook up grander and grander dishes. You’ll start small, with simple Fried Mosquito, but unlock more complex recipes as you progress, alongside different gear and equipment.

But why all this effort for a “good” meal?

You see, in Dungeon Munchies, you are what you eat (I cannot help but believe this saying was at the heart of the game’s concept). Your undead belly can hold 4 dishes in it (at least at the start of the game). Each dish you cook and consume gives you some special ability: Fried Mosquito gives you a double jump, preparing some Dungeon Grouper will let you move faster in water, you get the idea. The number of recipes hinted at in the earlier play through I had a chance to try is ENOURMOUS, and it’s an incredibly unique take of customizing and equipping a character, with a ton of weird and wild upgrades possible, all shown on your character sprite in some, frankly, pretty horrific addition.

Platforming and combat feel tight, which is great because the game does not pull punches. Early levels are surprisingly tough, and you can die pretty quickly if you’re not careful. Enemies are varied, and included a menageries of fiends, such as killer shrubbery, giant mantis shrimp, electric snails and more!

Luckily, the game threw weapon upgrades at me like candy to deal with all these nasties, and because of this there was a near constant sense of progression.

Dungeon Munchies is set to release on Steam Early Access later this year, and I’m ravenous for another taste of this title

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