PAX Indie Spotlight: ABI

PAX Indie Spotlight: ABI

ABI is a painterly story about two robots in a world forgotten, or left, by humanity that I was excited to see at PAX East.I’d seen the game’s art before, but never had a chance to play it, and was eager to see what was going on behind the scenes with these two adorable robots.

What I found was a gorgeous adventure game stepped in a sort of optimistic melancholy I cannot wait to see more of.


ABI is a puzzle game driven by an in-depth storyline and well-developed characters.  In ABI you will travel across a multitude of different environments, from industrial areas to empty desert sands, overcoming adversity and challenges along the way.  Experience the moving trials and tribulations of the robots of ABI.

ABI sees you controlling two robots journeying together through an apocalyptic wasteland.  ABI is a small, sleek, yellow robot programmed to act as a parent or educator, while DD is a large, boxy, blue industrial robot. 

he world was once a place brimming with life, a place full of people. Now, the last of humanity has mysteriously disappeared in pursuit of perfection and immortality, transforming themselves into machines.  Then they vanished altogether.  The only beings left are the robots who were once servants to humanity.

The robots and world of ABI can only be described as painterly. While thee is a definite fog of melancholy and disrepair hanging over the desolate world, but it’s still colorful, wonderfully animated and charming. This may very well change as the story progresses and the cause of humanities disappearance becomes clear, but everything we’ve seen of the game is absolutley beautiful.

You’ll explore this world devoid of humans, but not devoid of their touch, as the two robots, solving point-and-click adventure style puzzles with each robots unique set of skills. Sometimes, DD won’t be able to enter a building, so it will be up to ABI to enter and solve the puzzle in front of you, while other times DD is the only robot tall enough to reach some important part of the environment.

There’s very little conversation in ABI, and even less explanation of what happened to the world, and I think this part of the game’s charm. You’re dropped into this story and this world and left to figure it out with the company of DD and ABI.

ABI is currently in development. You can learn more on the game’s development blog here.

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