Pathologic Delayed until Fall 2017

Pathologic Delayed until Fall 2017

Ice-Pick Lodge announced today in a Kickstarter Update that Pathologic, the re-imagining of the original 2005 game of the same name, has had its release delayed until Fall of next year.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom and bad news, as a number of new features and important updates were also revealed.



In response to the delay, Ice Pick Lodge offered this explanation:

The original plans for the release date were set with the basic scope of the game in mind. It seems a bit immodest to admit, but we did include our first stretch goal, the Town Expanded, into that; but not the rest of them. The game has grown in scope now, so developing it properly requires additional time.

Also, the vision for this version of Pathologic has shifted during the development. What started as a humble rejuvenation of a classic beloved by the studio turned into a full-fledged reimagining rather quickly, but it took us time to realize what that truly entails. The corners that we were planning to cut turned into diamond quickly. However faithful to the original vision, this Pathologic is a new game in many aspects, from the engine to the concept art.

While we are—and always will be—vehemently defending our chewing abilities, there’s no denying the fact that we are facing technical challenges. Creating an open-world game in Unity is trying. We are solving the riddles the game’s code throws at us valiantly, but then again, there’s no point in releasing a pretty, but stuttering thing, right? And teaching it proper enunciation turned to require a bit more man-hours than we were hoping…

In all this time, there wasn’t a single issue we weren’t able to overcome (or work around). In a painfully postmodern turn of events, he only thing that failed to bend to our almighty collective will is time itself.

Look at it this way: we can either mar our conscience by missing the deadline in a rather spectacular fashion, or by releasing a game that falls short on its promises. But only one of these outcomes leaves everybody with a good game in their library in the end.

We’ve said it before and I’m sure we’ll say it again: This is an Indie Games made by Independent Developers. Delay’s will happen. While there have been more than a few for Pathologic, it’s clear that the game has mutated and evolved into something it was not at its inception. Ice Pick Lodge have been communicative and clear for their reasons of delay, and that’s all you can reasonably ask for in this process.



Pathologic now has a Steam page, which showcases some of the dialogue UI in the game currently (see above and below). The team also has a working, playable product they’re calling a sort of stand alone alpha demo, which if received well by alpha testers, they hope to release as a teaser. This was made for this year’s Gamescom, and it certainly adds a level of tangibility to the project and serves as proof of concept and of progress.



We’ll make sure to update you as more information and updates arrive for Pathologic.


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