Pathologic 2 to be Produced by tinyBuild

Pathologic 2 to be Produced by tinyBuild

It’s no secret that I’ve been a hug fan of Pathologic and Ice-Pick Lodge. Creepy Russian Surrealism? Dark, Gothic environment? Simulated Disease Management? Count me in. However, It’s no secret that development of Pathologic has been…lengthy. The game’s original Kickstarter was back in 2015, and while major progress has been happening in the form of The Marble Nest, things we’re still very much up in the air.

Well, today brought with it MAJOR news: Ice-Pick Lodge has partnered with tinyBuild to produce Pathologic 2.



Here’s the most important points:

  • Pathologic is now Pathologic 2 . This has been doen to avoid confusion between the original game, Pathologic Classic HD, The Marble Nest, Mor. Utopia, etc.
  • tinyBuild has officially partnered with Ice-Pick Lodge to bring Pathologic 2 to market in 2018
  • All original Kickstarter pledges are still in effect
  • The development methodology will be changing to become more open, similar to what tinyBuild  has done with Hello Neighbor: Basically, more access, earlier in development.

Kickstarter backers will be receiving the first Alpha build of Pathologic 2 soon, and a playable alpha demo will be available this weekend at PAX West.

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