Valve’s Steam Box Is On Its Way

 In a recent interview with Kotaku, Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell gave more details on the company’s plans to bring the pcs into a place where they could compete with consoles – the living room. While not giving out specifics about the much rumored Steam Box, there is...

Battlefield 3: Synchronized 3 (Stunt Cinematic)

An excellent stunt cinematic by Mashed8 featuring some high-flying quad antics.

Nine-Minute Preview of The Elder Scrolls Online

As the Elder Scrolls Online continue to move forward in its development, we’ve finally reached a point where we can see some hard footage, and know what to expect. Zenimax and Bethesda have released a nine minute footage reel as part of their first press event. It full of sweepin...

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