Omino Renamed as Neonimo

Omino Renamed as Neonimo

Omino was one of my favorite finds at this year’s Play NYC. Mixing Tetris and Real Time Strategy, it was a simple to learn, hard to master game with a ton of potential.

I say WAS because Omino is no more.

Long Live Neonimo.

The development team of Ben Costrell, Chris Williams, Eda Kuntman and Jack Schlesinger finished their time at the NYU Incubator this past month, which closed with the Incubator Showcase.  At this event the team showed off the latest version of the game, which included a new name and the unvieling of a brand new visual direction,

If you want to hear more about the visual changes and development of this game, check out the new Twitter Tag (@PlayNeonimo), or keep an eye on the website.

And, if you want a peak at the mechanics of Neomino in the old Omino style, check out this trailer, which shows most of the basics off!

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