New Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Video

New Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Video
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Oh how I love Epic at GDC, always showing off something that’ll makes my videocard and wallet cry. All engine creator and chip maker conspiracies aside (I’m not quite sure there were any to begin with), this is already looking to be one amazing year for new engines on shiny new hardware. 

Today at GDC, Epic Vice President Mark Rein unveiled “Infiltrator”, a nearly clip just over three and a half minutes of particles, lighting effects, and badassery. That last word I’m in the middle of trademarking. Epic’s new engine, Unreal 4, brings the awesome with the “latest tools and high-end rendering features, such as physically based materials and lighting, full scene HDR reflections, advanced GPU particle simulation and much more.”

Take a moment and watch the presentation in all its 1080p glory.


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