New Trailer, Info on Banner Saga 2

New Trailer, Info on Banner Saga 2

Today, Stoic Studios released the Launch Trailer for The Banner Saga 2, which arrives on April 19th. There’s a lot of emotion even in this initial trailer, and we’re not only reminded of the sacrifices made in the first game, but also introduced to a few new characters.



We’ve also found out a few more details about The Banner Saga 2 from a couple of different sources.


The first interesting bit of information is that we’ll be controlling two caravans. Via Game Informer:

The Banner Saga 2 allows players to control a second caravan led by one of the Banner Saga’s most memorable characters, a giant varl named Bolverk “Bloodaxe.” The leader of a mercenary group called the Ravens, Bolverk is a ruthless berserker who’s prone to losing his temper. After this split, the rest of The Banner Saga 2’s narrative bounces between your original clan and Bolverk’s band of mercenaries.

Whoever is in charge of your caravan, your whole group ultimately has to band together if they are going to survive.


The other major introduction is the Horseborn, a race of Centaurs, though they are a little different from the Classical Greek Centaurs:

Not only will players fight the horseborn, but they will be able to add a few to their own ranks. These speedy warriors are designed to roam the battlefield and control their enemies using their mobility…these horse-people are small, surefooted Icelandic ponies crossed with bronze-age Celts. They are, therefore, only slightly stronger than a human, and can move about far more freely.

Male horseborn are great hit-and-run tacticians who can boost their attack depending on how many squares they travel beforehand – Stoic’s idea of a running head start. They can also move again after an attack to better position themselves for the next turn. Their Mule Kick knocks enemies back into other units and stuns the enemy in the process.

Meanwhile, female horseborn have a passive ability called Free Roam that allows them to move two extra tiles for each Willpower spent. Their javelins are tipped with poison that deals recurring damage, and they can use their spears to pin enemies in place, allowing them to better control the battlefield.

There’s a lot to look forward to in The Banner Saga 2, including more varied enemy types, and polished combat, but honestly, I am most interested in the continuation of the narrative laid out by The Banner Saga. The Banner Saga was one of the best narrative experiences I’ve ever encountered in video games. I cannot wait for more of this!

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