New Trailer for Hovership Havoc

New Trailer for Hovership Havoc

Solo Developer Colby Breidenstein (a.k.a. Snow Day Software) has released a new gameplay trailer for his game Hovership Havoc, which looks incredibly slick. Currently planned to release in Q1 2019 for PC and XboX One, Hovership Havoc has a host of interesting features to get excited about:

Hovership Havoc is a twin stick shooter with 3rd person boss battles. You traverse through randomly generated rooms of a futuristic factory destroying robot enemies. You can upgrade your hovership and obtain randomly dropped abilities (like lasers, rockets, drones, shields..etc) that can strengthen your chances to survive through the entire factory.

If you’re interest has been captured, then make sure to head to the Hovership Havoc Steam Page and Wishlist the game for further updates!

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