New Trailer for Arcadian Atlas

New Trailer for Arcadian Atlas

Earlier today, Twin Otter Studios released a trailer for their upcoming tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas. The game looks gorgeous, with superb pixel art that drips with nostalgia from the 90’s and classical Tactical RPG’s:

Arcadian Atlas is a 2D isometric tactical RPG about the choices people make in pursuit of the things they love, and the havoc it wreaks on a kingdom.

Watch your footing & mind the strategic vantage points as you traverse the richly detailed pixel art world of Arcadia — A turned back or tumble on the battlefield could cost you a friend’s life. Let the moody jazz soundtrack carry you through a thought provoking & ruthless story of love, deceit, murder, companionship & war. Meant to be a modern loveletter to classic tactical RPGs, Arcadian Atlas was designed from the ground up to incorporate more challenging battle strategies, new & balanced job classes, and more cutthroat plot twists that’ll leave you wishing you hadn’t gotten so attached to “that character.”

Featuring dynamic job classes, a rich character driven narrative, strategic grid-based battles and a jazz infused soundtrack, Arcadian Atlas is a lushly handcrafted 2D isometric tactical RPG that takes the rich history of the genre and makes it modern.




Arcadian Atlas hosts an impressive range of features, all bringing back memories of afternoons playing Final Fantasy Tactics;

Hand-painted character art & a pixel perfect world designed by artist Becca Bair (Vidar, Dreamblazers). A labor of love!

Turn based battle system provides limitless strategy & challenges.

Epic storyline and 3-dimensional characters fleshed out by writer Taylor Bair (Business of Indie, Planet Destiny) will leave you intrigued & attached.

Grid-based tactics play style hits all the right nostalgia chords

Retro-style sound effects & modern, chilled out jazz tunes by Moritz P.G. Katz (Fort Meow, German Wahnsinn) bridge the gap between yesterday & today.

Never-before-seen job classes with zero filler skills will keep you chasing that AP.

Marries tried & tested classic tactical RPG gameplay with new job class customizations & unique crafting mechanics that help evolve the genre.

Arcadian Atlas will be launching it’s Kickstarter Campaign on April 5th. Make sure to check back with IndieHangover for more updates and information as the game continues development and enters its crowd funding stage.

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