New Job Class Revealed for Arcadian Atlas

New Job Class Revealed for Arcadian Atlas

The Kickstarter for Arcadian Atlas is well underway, and recently hit the 40% funded mark.

In addition, the community also unlocked 15 achievements (which I talked about in our Kickstarter Watch)  though a combination of sharing, liking and submitting fan art. With this milestone, we’ve been shown a glimpse of a new job class: The Druid.



Druids are masters of nature, weaving elemental forces, commanding creatures of the earth, and bending the land to fight for them. Mother nature is a powerful ally, and no one knows that better than the druid.

These are still a WIP (work-in-progress) and Becca has plans to live-stream some further work on them too, so stay tuned for more information about the Druid as the campaign goes on!

If your interested in funding the Arcadian Atlas Kickstarter, or interested to find out how you can help unlock a few more achievements with community, head over to the funding page here.

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