New Japanese Indie Games Publisher Phoenixx Announces Establishment

New Japanese Indie Games Publisher Phoenixx Announces Establishment

A new Japanese indie games publisher known as Phoenixx has announced the establishment of its Tokyo-based company. The newly established company will be focused on planning, producing, and promoting indie games and related goods in addition to the management of game artists and creators.

Phoenixx’s main goal is to assist Japanese creators in expanding to the rest of the world as well as help western creators in expanding to Japan and Asia with an aim to “inspire and nurture the human spirit—one creator, one game, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Phoenixx also already has a lineup of five separate indie titles all planned for release in 2020:

Smash HockeySmash HockeySmash Hockey

The first of these titles is Smash Hockey, a flick battle action game developed by I From Japan. Smash Hockey will support two-player online battles in addition to a single-player mode. No other gameplay details have been revealed besides the screenshots pictured above. Smash Hockey is planned to launch in North America in March 2020 and in Japan in Summer 2020 for iOS and Android and will be Free-to-Play but will also have item-based in-app purchases.

Smash Hockey

The second of these titles is Touhou Mechanical Scrollery, developed by Mikosansaho. Described as a 3D aerial barrage hunting action game, Touhou Mechanical Scrollery is based on the Touhou Project and will allow players to soar through the air and battle massive enemies while utilizing both melee combat as well as 3D bullet patterns. Tohou Mechanical Scrollery is planned for a Spring 2020 launch on PC via Steam, with other platforms to be announced at a later date.

Smash Hockey








The third of these titles is Seven: Enhanced Edition, a single-player 3D isometric action RPG by Fool’s Theory and IMGN PRO where players can explore the “beyond post-apocalyptic” Vetrall Empire as a daemon-possessed master thief and experience rich stories of conspiracy, discovery, and betrayal. The climbing system in Seven implemented allows players to scale obstacles of any height, both horizontally and vertically. The Enhanced Edition will include new opponents, weapons, outfits, crafting schematics and skills, a multitude of fixes based on player feedback, as well as the Drowned Past expansion. In Drowned Past, players will encounter the Enclave, a group of mysterious vagabonds exploring a mythological sunken vessel they discovered and hoping to gain fortune from it, however, some of what they discover should have never been found. Seven: Enhanced Edition is planned to launch on PlayStation 4 in Spring 2020.

Smash Hockey


The fourth of the revealed titles is Keen, a single-player puzzle action game developed by Cat Nigiri. Keen puts players in the shoes of twelve-year-old, Kim, chosen to be a guardian to protect her village. Kim will have to fend off against brainwashed minions and high-tech robot soldiers on her journey to stop an evil corporation’s plan for world domination. Kim can slide around puzzle rooms vertically and horizontally and slash through enemies in her way, having players rely on their precision-planning abilities while at the same time still being allowed to go at their own pace. Players will also unlock new abilities for Kim by finding secret items throughout the game that will aid Kim in her quest. Keen is planned to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Spring 2020.

The fifth and final game planned for a 2020 launch is Last Standard, a 3D action game also developed for I From Japan, which will be available on PC and other platforms not yet revealed. While not much else has been revealed about Last Standard, it has been said it will also feature online battles in addition to single-player.

In addition to these games, some titles originally planned to be published by Sony Music Entertainment games publishing label Unties will now be published by Phoenixx, although it has not yet been revealed which games these are.

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