New ITTA Trailer Spits Fire

New ITTA Trailer Spits Fire

I’ve been watching the development of ITTA via Tweets and GIFS for some time now. The Dark Souls meets bullet-hell gameplay grabbed me right away, with a suitably Gothic setting, crumbling around a blue clad heroine and her cat only intriguing me more .

Glass Revolver and Armor Games Studios just released the latest teaser trailer of ITTA, and boy-howdy does it have me excited.


ITTA is a haunting bullet hell adventure game that features an opaque story told through NPCs and the environment, balancing moments of horror with beauty as our mysterious protagonist, the titular Itta, searches for her family and answers. Explore a crumbling world whose secrets beg to be uncovered, but beware; this realm is anything but peaceful, and to reach the truth, your skills will be stretched to their limit.

ITTA is scheduled to be available on Steam in 2019.

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