Mulaka Launch Dates Announced

Mulaka Launch Dates Announced

Developer Lienzo has revealed that their upcoming action adventure game, Mulaka, will launch on Steam and PlayStation 4 on February 27,  on Nintendo Switch March 1, and on Xbox One March 2.

Mulaka is based on the history, culture, and mythology of the Tarahumara, a group of indigenous people in Nothern Mexico. In Mulaka, you play as a shaman trying to find the source of the corruption that has been plaguing the land. Players will use the powers of demigods and explore real-life landscapes through running and platforming as well. Lienzo has also claimed that they have committed to donating a portion of the games earnings to non governmental organizations which focus on supporting the Sierra Tarahumara region.

An animated trailer for the game has released alongside the announcement. Additionally, a three part video series titled Behind Mulaka is currently available to watch on YouTube. You can see our PSX interview with the Maketing and PR Manager of Lienzo and Mulaka here.

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