Mini-Review: Spoiler Alert

Mini-Review: Spoiler Alert


Spoiler Alert is a game that is all gimmick, but works because it’s a pretty darn good gimmick. In Spoiler Alert, you play as the Chili Pepper Knight (I should mention, the game makes absolutley zero sense, which I am totally fine with), rescuing Princess Tomato (like I said, zero sense made) from hordes of gnomes, penguins and ghosts (ZERO). The trick with Spoiler Alert is that the final rescue is the beginning of the game, as you play in reverse, running backwards from the right side of the screen to the left side.


Your main goal is to not create any time paradoxes, so you’ll have to only collect the coins you’ve “already” collected, and kill the enemies you’ve “already” killed. The game plays on your preconceived notions surrounding classic platformers, so part of the fun is actually fighting your instincts. Its a good mechanic that MEGAFUZZ have made the core of the gameplay.

Spoiler Alert is not an incredibly technical game, and it does show. Hit boxes are often wonky, the three power ups you collect throughout the game are all more or less the same thing, and the animations are all fairly simple, thought this does definitely play to the style of the game. Yet, despite those negatives, I greatly enjoyed the three hours or so it took to play through the game. I think that Spoiler Alert’s greatest strength is the combination of a solid gimmick with the perfect length; I’m sure some will find it too long, and some will find it over very quickly, but for me, the game was just right. The addition of challenge modes and speed runs seems largely unnecessary, and feels like padding. I’d let the game be exactly what it is: a fun, silly game with a great core mechanic you play through once and enjoy for what it is.

Silly, gimmicky and short, sure, but Spoiler Alert is great fun, which is ultimately  the most important thing for a game to be.


Spoiler Alert releases on iOS today, and the game feels like it would work perfectly on a mobile touch screen setting.

This comedy platformer from Danish studio MEGAFUZZ, as honored at the Indie Prize Europe 2014 Awards, is perfect touch-screen fodder, with hilarious gameplay and hand-drawn visuals that match the outlandish premise. Throw in 100 levels set across four unique worlds, epic boss battles, oodles of ridiculous upgrades, an original soundtrack from Roland La Goy, plus a SpeedRun mode for challenging your friends, and you’ll be unjumping and undodging with rampant enthusiasm.

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