Midora Shuttered By Epic Minds After Successful Kickstarter

Midora Shuttered By Epic Minds After Successful Kickstarter

2016 is off to a sad start as Epic Minds, developers of Midora, have decided that this will be the year Midora gets canceled. The project, slated to be delivered a year ago last January, has continually hit bumps in the roads as those behind its development have struggled in real life and with work on the project. In what likely will be their final campaign update, Mhyre, Game Director for Midora posted the following:

I believe optimism and hard work to be the keys to success. I come to you with late news but news nonetheless.

For the whole month of December, seeing as getting any sort of deal with investors or publishers failed, I took the time to reflect on everything that happened and prepare myself. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. In fact, I’ve been preparing myself to the idea of failure ever since the kickstarter got funded.

We took your money to create a game and simply failed to deliver. This shouldn’t need explaining but, at the end of the day, we are not thieves. The project failed for many reasons, including unexpected events and different outcomes regarding what we had accomplished. Not everything went according to plan and this is the situation that we’re in. The best way to one day create Midora is to simply stop trying now and come back to it once everything has healed. I want to come back to this project once we have enough to see this project through, from wherever we left off to finish.

While Epic Minds plans to offer backers refunds through personal means, the process won’t start until later in the year.  Surprisingly, a large amount of backers wrote off their pledge as donation and refuse a refund; a far cry from the ridicule filled comment sections of past updates.

That’s the tricky part. I take full responsability for this project and the failures and will be the only one offering refunds. Everyone in the team but me currently has a job, and I am actively looking for work at time of writing. I am also working on a few side projects, all of which don’t require a budget, some of which will hopefully allow me to come back to Midora one day. I first have to pay back close relatives and other parties that helped me way before the kickstarter. Then, I will have to stabilize my own situation. I can’t offer refunds as soon as I earn money from a new job. I will need to save up money to create my own insurance, to be able to cover unexpected situations, emergencies.

However, once that’s done, I don’t have many options and I won’t be able to offer refunds to certain people. Some people have pledged quite a bit of money on this kickstarter and I can’t exactly repay them in full. Not at first. There is also the problem of how money will be transfered, and for this only one option is available to me: PayPal. This will certainly make some of you upset but, as someone who currently lives in Europe, I don’t have many other options.

Once I am ready to comfortably offer refunds, I will open a new webpage where all backers will be able to make a claim and be put on a waiting list. There is no real way to make it fair for everyone, so refunds will be issued in order. At the end/beginning of every month, I will figure out how much of what I have can be spent on refunds (that is all the money that won’t be spent on wages), transfer all of it using PayPal, then clear your name from the database.

Looking at my current timeline, it looks like I will be able to start offering refunds sometime next Summer. I will keep everyone updated on how things are going, and everyone will be given fair warnings, reminders.


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