Announce today, Terrible Posture Games and Grip Digital have released a HUGE new update to MOTHERGUNSHIP  today, 100% free for everyone that already owns the game. The update brings new features, a whole new story campaign, tons of bugfixes, improvements, and balance adjustments, so there’s a lot to unpack, but here are the highlights:


NEW STORY CAMPAIGN: The new “What’s in a Name?” Campaign “shadows the Resistance as they bring on an unfortunate number of new crew members, discovers a mysterious new threat to humanity, reveals chilling secrets about the Alien Armada, and then fails terribly at giving any of them good names!

NEW SHIP TYPE: While the developers aren’t giving us any clues about this new ship (spoilers apparently) they did give us a bit of peak with the below screenshot. This new ship of course has a new boss: the intimidating DRAGON TRAIN (see this article’s featured images!)

NEW GAME MODE:  There’s a whole new game mode to play with once you’ve beaten the new story campaign.  Again, no spoilers, but we’ve been promised an experience “filled with challenges that encourage bigger, beefier, weapons” so that HAS to be a good sign!

REBALANCED GUNS, DIFFICULTY, AND ENDGAME: Pretty straight forward. Balance all around to make everything feel better! Also, there’s the addition of Miniboss Fights, Loot Alcoves, Timer Rooms, new special gun parts, new hazards, new ways to die, 3 new music tracks!

MOTHERGUNSHIP is currently available on XBox One, PS4 and Steam.

Want to learn more about MOTHERGUNSHIP before you dive in? Check out our IndieDev Interview with Developer Joe Mirabello!


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