Low Cost GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Edition Now Available

Low Cost GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Edition Now Available

YoYo Games have released a new Creator Edition of GameMaker Studio 2 at an incredibly low cost that will probably interest current or aspiring devs who’ve been thinking of working with this engine.

The new Creator Edition is fully functional, and removes the design limitations that were in the trial version of GameMaker Studio 2.  This will give creators full access to the programs features including shaders, integrated source control, texture groups, texture size support, SWF support, spine support, extensions and runtime external resources. Somewhat surprisingly, The Creator Edition will also allow game creators to publish games to Windows or Mac.

The GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Edition 12-month licence is available for $39 on the YoYo Games Website. Upgrading from the Creator Edition to the Desktop version will net you a 30% discount off the permanent licence cost of $99.

There seems to be a true, genuine drive to get this software in as many hands of aspiring devs as possible that’s fantastic to see, and quite honestly, will probably see me picking it up as well for a project that’s been being discussed among the IndieHangover crew for some time…

“Our mission at YoYo Games has been simple – build a premier games development engine and toolset for the masses where anyone can unleash their creativity to build awesome games. The Creator edition delivers this to developers, enabling them to build sophisticated PC and Mac games, and launch them on digital marketplaces such as Steam. With the Creator edition, we’ve listened to community feedback and introduced a low cost 12-month licence model, which gives budding developers the opportunity to progress beyond our “first game” tutorial, and use all our game design features. And, if they get bitten by the game making bug, they can take the next step up to a high performance Desktop license, saving 30% on the upgrade cost.”

–  James Cox, General Manager of YoYo Games

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