Live Coverage of DayZ at PAX East 2013

Live Coverage of DayZ at PAX East 2013
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The staff of RaidWarning will have live blog coverage of the DayZ panel at PAX East 2013, followed by audio/video of the event shortly after.

Coverage begins at 3PM EST [ Getting started a little late. Seated now. Things will start shortly…]

Have a question you’d like to have asked at the panel? Submit it in a comment below!

Dean Hall and Matt Lightfoot are heading the panel.

Demo starts: Showing off the current development builds.

Borrowed a few of the developers from ARMA 3, and they’ve been helping the DayZ team

two systems for Aiming: One based on ARMA, one which requires you to hold a button to aim, This is being done to help cut down on the “kill on sight” mentality

Inventory: No art pass done yet :P “Programmer artistics”

 -Left side: What is on the Ground. can put items into containers on the ground

– Want to be able to drag and drop off of your character avatar. Currently, Equipment boxes. 

– New Crafting System, Can Dean Hall find a can of Beans? (Answer: Yes). Compatible items will glow different colors. Think SpaceStation 13.

-New Quick Action Bar. Want to have more customization, More freedom on the player side of things with the hotkeys

-Want to have people ACTUALLY scavenging, Stuff seems to be hidden everywhere: In cupboards, under beds, on shelves, etc. New Areas that they want folks to actually explore and dig through.

-Trying to make the control feel better and more intuitive. More responsive.


— The delay in us actually playing is based in security. Everything on our side needs to be keystrokes, most things will be serverside.

–Next two months is focused on server security

–Review in June for Alpha. This is the ONLY thing that they are waiting on.

–Redoing parts of the game from scratch

–Crafting and Radios: Radios; related to the ARMA Acer Mode. Implementing a simplified version of this mod into DayZ.  Took inspiration from Spacestation 13. Radios will record text or voice, even if you are not speaking. Will allow you to overhear conversations, text or voice, in the area. Allows you to bug the areas you store things. Can also craft a headphone to the radio to stop others in the area from hearing you.

–Medical: In DAYZ the mod, health system was basic. You run out of blood, you die. Wanted to go deeper, more complex. Based on Common Sense. Have Health (overall life health), Blood (short term damage), Shock ( if exceeds current blood, you’ll go unconcious ), Unconcious (if over health, go unconcious). Tyring to have none of it on the UI; want to have feedback with post-process effects and sound. Not having the UI would add to the immersion. If Hunger and Thirst is full, Blood will regen. If Hunger Thirst and Blood is full, your Health will slowly regenerate. Your blood will only regen to your Health level.

— Doesn’t like the unbalanced diet of DAYZ. Less energy drinks. Diet will have an effect on your character. Once to keep it subtle, but once to have common sense apply.

–Melee: Lots of Work, but still at a prototype level. Lot fewer weapons at release. Will need to rely on melee. Retooling the weapons. Quality over Quantity at this point, Attatchment system is working well.

–New Skeleton. Deveoted resources to a new skeleton, Risk payed off. works well, would have shown now except for internet. Still working on the Zombies,

— The Roadmap: Alpha is not out. Dissapointing, but they need to get client done. Vehicles will not be ininitial release. Want them to be good, and want them to be customizable, like the character. Base building will be the DayZ version of Capital Ships in EVE. Looking at it being underground and it being similar to skyrim in that it may be instanced. This will all be end of the year, Alpha first.

–Last Point: Fans of content Creation and Streaming. Seeing if there will be a better camera mod at release to encourage this community and content creators. Mentions the Survivor Games


– Q: Mentioned implementing the button system to bring up the gun. What else are being implemented to counter act the Kill on sight mentality?

-A: Part of the game, but feels that they want to make sure that people can still play this way, but want to provide another path. Something that they will be watching constantly. Want to see what the communtiy acts like in the Alpha. Want the clan system to become important.

-Q: Will barricading houses be an option?

-A: dont want to force any one form of gameplay. Players will have tools, but not sure how this will work at present. Similar to Redstone circutry security in Minecraft. Will be a challenge, but still early in the design. Players will need to figure it out

-Q: Worried that the imporvements will strip out some of the quirky fun of the game

-A: are worried. Realize this concern. Plan to experiment at this point. This is a real danger: to the Alpha

-Q: How will trading work?

-A: Trading interface will be implemented. Unsure of all the specifics, but have a rough design completed. Can still be screwed, but interface is going to be more friendly

-Questioner trades Can of Beans or Dean Halls Picture :P

-Q: Server Hopping and Server Structure

-A: Good suggestions from Reddit. Prototyped a system, but went crazy, so no. Central Server will issue warnings. Was an issue with a ten seocnd delay, but now you will appear as sleeping when logging in, this explaining that dealy away! You are waking up!

-Q: What if you don’t see someone? Will there be direct communication/whispering?

-A: Likely be two forms of direct chat

– Magazines will be more important. You can carry lots of ammo, but will acutally need to load individual magazines. There will be an option to strip bullets out of magazine, as well as load it.

-Q: What about “end game”

-A: Focus on Social interaction. Blood Transfusion has been completely reworked. Practicing a mechanic will make you better at that mechanic. This will create specialists, i.e. Doctors and Mechanics. Will not be in the alpha, but will get there later. 

-Q: Will there be any sort of messing with high end weapons? durability? power? frequency?

-A: Game will be going back to the roots. Wont be about advanced weaponry => Advanced weapons will be those with the attatchments. M4 is in for its flexibility. These will be EXCEPTIONALLY hard to find. Want to bring modding in, but want to deal with hacking first. Bigger issue.

-Q:  Difficulty. Will zombies be a factor. Will there be hordes?

-A: Zombies will not be perfect. Concerned about AI, and want to imporve Zombies, but dont want to delay alpha. Now function on rails, but aim is to have things more random, Server will not despawn zombies, so they will rove.

-Q: Will there be sneak attacks and can i beat the shit out of unconcious players?

-A: Yes and Oh Yes.

-Q: Will animals become a threat?

-A: Aiming for this to be the case, but trouble with syncing the animations. Hunting element will be expanded, but it is more work than they originally thought.

-There will be more areas, including Prisons, airfields. Will be using satelitte imagery to create high fidelity imagery.

-Q: Expand on the Clan system? willl you be able to spawn on people?

-A: Meh, maybe. Want people to still have adventures finding people.

-Q: What are you trying to take from ARMA 3?

– A: Want to have underwater at some point. Mainly using Arma 3 resources on controls and movement.


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