Kickstarter Watch: Yes, Your Grace

Kickstarter Watch: Yes, Your Grace

It’s always particularly interesting when game put you, as the payer, in a position of non-active power. By that, I mean in a sort of command role, where you are making decisions, but doing little to influence the outcome. All to often in games, we play the hero or heroine on the front line, cutting a swathe through the enemy, solving mysteries or forging alliances with our own handshakes.

But that isn’t how it works. In reality, the leader are secluded, relying on messages from far off sources, making decisions without seeing the effect on the ground. This seems to be the atmosphere that Yes, Your Grace is trying to capture, and it makes for a very intriguing concept. With a surprising amount of gameplay already revealed, a fantastic and nostalgic art style, and good development direction, the Kickstarter currently underway by Brave at Night Games has incredible potential to lead to a fantastic game.



The land of Davern is in crisis. Famine and pestilence are spreading throughout the nation, and war cannot be far behind. As the noble Grey King, it is your role to lead your people through this dark period, transforming potential chaos into lasting order.

In Yes, Your Grace the quests come to you, combining text-based and strategy-oriented gameplay in a new and innovative way.

The projected completion date for the game is late August 2015. Core data structures are in place, along with the core dialogue system, quest editor and user interface. The battle system, AI and general utilities (such as the save game function) are still in development.

One thing that really seals the deal for me with this Kickstarter is the presence of a fantastic gameplay video, showing you a glimpse of exactly what you’ll be getting (at least at this stage). It is required watching as far as I am concerned if you are at all interested, and suggested watching for any and all RTS and Strategy game fans.


With 22 days to go, Yes, Your Grace has raised £1,560 of their incredibly reasonable £6,000 goal. If you’d like to contribute to the game’s funding campaign, please head to the Kickstarter page.


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