Kickstarter Watch: Wonderville Arcade

Kickstarter Watch: Wonderville Arcade

My introduction to the world of Indie Arcade Cabinet began two years ago at the first Play NYC Convention. I was lucky enough to chat for some time with Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff about their instillation game Salmon Roll (see our interview here), and they introduced me to the group known as  Death By Audio Arcade, a ” 501(c)3 non-profit organization in New York City, founded in 2013 in the back of the punk warehouse, Death By Audio, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, founded by Mark Kleback“.

Obviously, this is right up IndieHangover’s alley, and it’s been great to watch the organization grow, albeit from a distance. But big things are afoot for DBAArcade, and they are now crowdfunding to open a new arcade space in NYC, called the Wonderville Arcade, and it sounds fantastic.


Wonderville will be a brand new arcade, event space and bar in Brooklyn specializing in independent video games, created by a growing and vibrant community of game developers in New York City and beyond.

We’re not talking about retro arcade games from the 80s and 90s or just arcade versions of mobile games; these games are brand new, unique and ridiculously original experiences created by designers and artists today. Ever played games using only LED strips? Or door stops? Or juicers? At Wonderville you will!

Up to this point, these games have only shown up at festivals and short-term pop-ups as physical installations meant to be played by a group of people in a public space, and then they disappear. But no more! Wonderville will house independent games as a permanent home for these modern treasures. The space will also host tournaments, playtest nights, board games, comedy, live music and rotating art installations and exhibits.

There’s a whole subset of indie games that would be PERFECT for the arcade cabinet experience. There’s enough retro nostalgia that games taping into the aesthetic of the 80’s and 90’s will no doubt find an audience among aficionados, and I can think of a handful of indie games I’ve seen that I’d love to experience in this way.

At this time of writing, the Wonderville Arcade Kickstarter has raised $13,736 of its rather modest $70,000 goal.  There’s still 29 days to go in this campaign, which will end on April 3rd, so if your interested in becoming a backer and supporting this awesome project, then don’t hesitate to head to the crowdfunding page!


*Disclaimer: The Author has backed the crowdfunding campaign discussed in this article on Kickstarter.  All opinions are the authors own, and the objectivity of the piece may be influenced by any of the authors own biases as stated in the article or in this disclaimer.*

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