Kickstarter Watch: Tall Tails

Kickstarter Watch: Tall Tails

Inspiration is always an interesting thing, and can really set a project apart from the rest. The mobile market is flooded with puzzle games, but recently, Tall Tails by Zuul Labs caught my eye, not necessarily because of the mechanics of the game (though they seem excellent), but rather the inspiration behind this project- namely, rescue dogs. Having that kind of interesting background to a game really helps set Zuul Lab’s first title apart from the pack, which is only helped by the fact that they have a very well developed and thought out game on their hands.

The inspiration for Tall Tails and its characters comes from our founders’ involvement indog rescue. They wanted to create a new mobile game suitable for all ages to enjoy that would also incorporate their passion for these pets in need. It’s through the success of this game that ZUUL Labs will continue to support and promote responsible pet ownership and animal rescue.

Skip, the pup from our video is just one of the thousands of dogs that our founders have personally rescued and placed in forever homes.  These animals’ lives were saved when they were pulled from shelters, cared for and given a second chance to live with loving families. Millions of animals each year aren’t so lucky, and it’s our mission to make a difference.

Tall Tails is a one-of-a-kind puzzle adventure that might look simple at first glance, but is filled with challenging puzzles ranging from straightforward to outright brain-breakingly difficult. If you think you’re good at puzzles, you haven’t tried Tall Tails! Monsters, special tiles and your diminishing ink well all effect the strategy you choose.

How do we describe our game?

Like Candy Crush our design is friendly to young audiences, while our puzzles are built to challenge all ages.

For the game experience think Flow Free meets Angry Birds. It’s the gameplay of an enhanced, more challenging Flow Free experience with the visual appeal and excitement of Angry Birds.

We are utilizing all of the current game standards, while also incorporating our unique twist with a stage area at the top that allows players to adventure with their animated pet.

Tall Tails is currently in Kickstarter, with 23 Days left to go. They have raised $18,993 of their goal of $150,000. If you’d like to become a backer of this project. head on over to the Kickstarter Page.

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