Kickstarter Watch: Super Dwarf Madness

Kickstarter Watch: Super Dwarf Madness

I’m a bit of an RPG nut, and Dwarves have always had a bit of a soft spot in my heart. It’s got to be the beards. However every once in a while, the RPG formula feels a little stale, like anything can when you experience too much of it, So, what are my options to bring a bit of new spice to the RPG genre?

Well, Twin-Stick Shooting wasn’t something that I’d though was an option, but Super Dwarf Madness is promising to meld just that with RPG Elements, Dwarves and Zombies:


SUPER DWARF MADNESS mixes your favorite genres – Action-RPGTwin-Stick Shooter, and a heavy focus on multiplayer. Bring your fully-customized Dwarf into the battle for Dwyll, and help recover its stolen Gold. Travel back in time to fight as the Four Heroes of Dwyll, and unearth centuries-old secrets to help you defeat the evil Summoner. Join up with other Dwarves – splitscreen or online – and help you reclaim your lost kingdom.

We are designing this game for every kind of multiplayer. You can complete the entire campaign, or go raid procedurally-generated caverns for loot and experience! Also we will bring smooth, fair versus in modes ranging from 1-on-1 to 16-player free-for-all.

The game is being developed by Callen Shaw, the founder of The Unallied.He’s got a strong pedigree of other arcade titles under his belt, including Drinkards, Drinkards Beer Pong, 3D-Struction, Snowball Showdown, and Dwarf Madness. This is Callen’s big push from the Xbox Live Arcade to the PC/Linux/Mac side of things, and the Kickstarter is mainly focused on raising money for Artistic Assets.

I have been honing my game development skills for a decade, and I have dedicated nearly a year to the Dwarf Madness games. However, the kind of deep customization andemergent gameplay that Super Dwarf Madness will deliver is only possible with your funding – with well over half going toward the variety of art we need to build such a large game:

  • 10% – Kickstarter Fees
  • 10% – Backer Reward Fulfillment
  • 10% – Hardware / Software Budget
  • 70% – Art Budget

Even after Super Dwarf Madness is long released we will continue to update the games mechanics, skills, and even add new outfits in order to keep the game fresh for years to come.

The best thing about this is that a free demo is available to play! After sitting down with Super Dwarf Madness for a while, I can say its a solid concept, and has huge potential as game to play with friends while slightly drunk ( no doubt following in the legacy Shaw’s other games) It’s got a great ‘arcadey’ feel and with some new artistic assets (the main focus of this Kickstarter), could end up being a phenomenal, humorous twin-stick shooter.

Super Dwarf Madness is looking to raise $10,000, and at time of writing has raised $6135, with 4 days to go. If you are interested in backing this game, please visit the Kickstarter page, and show your support.

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