Kickstarter Watch: Pooping with Friends

Kickstarter Watch: Pooping with Friends

The age of internet streaming has spawned some odd ducks. From the scream cam playthroughs of Amnesia, to tinyBuild’s domination of the idea of Twitch integration, to the very existence of professional streamers, we are living in a time of massive media change.

Media change that also happens to includes a larger than average amount of poop.

There’s Poop In My Soup, developed by KBros Games, came out in 2016 and quickly became a viral hit on YouTube. Now, Kbros is back with a sequel, subtitled Pooping With Friends, which seems a lot less of a gimmick and a lot more like a mad Mario Party-esq multiplayer hooplah…just with more poop…



The sequel is bigger, better and messier than before.

You can finally poop with your friends in Online or Local Multiplayer modes and challenge each other with various mini games, It’s basically Mario Party with Poop.

The game also features all new exotic locations such as Zombie Land, West World, and a Pirate Ship as well as a special backer exclusive level. You play as Butty McButtface, a little boy with a butt for a face, who stands on rooftops and poops on the people in the streets below. Each level has it’s on to-poo list which must be completed in order to progress. The list may include things like pooping on hipsters, babies and poodles or achieving a certain combo. The more to-poo list items the player completes the more power-ups he/she unlocks. Each level comes with its own unique set of power-ups, ranging from poop bombs to flaming wagons to army jet poop strikes.

The original There’s Poop In My Soup was, for the most part, a shock-factor gimmick. It was a fun arcade game a kin to Angry Birds, and certainly got a reaction from, well, revolving around pooping on people, but there wasn’t a ton of replayability or depth.

Not that I necessarily expected that from a game title There’s Poop In My Soup

The sequel looks to be meeting these issues head on, integrating multiplayer modes, challenges, and a slew of new minigames. The shock factor and gross humor is still there, but now it’s a shared experience, and works in some competition between friends, the only poop-centric competition between friends I’d feel comfortable suggesting or talking about.



There’s Poop In My Soup – Pooping With Friends will be available on Mac and PC via Steam and Twitch. K Bros Games have also teamed up with the Facebook Gameroom, meaning that anyone with a Facebook account can play TPIMS 2, and invite their FaceBook friends to play with them as well.

No word on if Kbros is prepared to offer you counseling when Aunt Mildred send you an invite though…

There’s Poop In My Soup – Pooping With Friends has a rather moderate goal of $10,000, with 29 days left in their funding period.

If you’re interested in backing the game, or learning abut some of the poop-tastic backer rewards, head on over to the Kickstarter Page.


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