Kickstarter Watch: Knights and Bikes

Kickstarter Watch: Knights and Bikes

It’s rare to find a game that feels, all at once, both nostalgic and entirely fresh. Yet, when I first really delved into Knights and Bikes, an Adventure game being Kickstarted currently by Foam Sword, that was exactly what I felt. The game oozes not only with 80’s trapping, like a second coming of The Goonies, but also with the emotional nostalgia of being a kid, glimpsing the worries of the adult world, and yet seeing them through the imaginative eyes of childhood.

It’s pretty obvious this was what the Foam Sword team was going for, and they’ve captured the feeling amazingly well. They even made us a chart to track where this is coming from:


At the same time, there’s something wonderfully vibrant and fresh about the entire game. The two heroines that could give a crap about what the Islanders think, the art-style, and the humor all seem very current. You really can’t help but crack a smile!

In Knights and Bikes, you can play as Nessa and Demelza on their quest for the truth behind the medieval legends of Penfurzy, an island on the fast track to financial ruin and literal destruction. Recruit a party of creatures from all walks of life, enlist and inspire deflated islanders, and embark on an adventure to find the hero the island so desperately needs.

Teaming up with Demelza’s pet goose, and the pickled severed head of a fallen-knight, they fling Frisbees at demons, trick-out their bikes to reach new locations, and increase their abilities with each islander they rescue.

There is a wonderful imaginative irreverence that is permeating Knights and Bikes. Clearly, there’s some deeper worries going on in the lives of the adults on the Island of Penfurzy, that’s fairly obvious from the trailer. Yet, these two rebellious girls seem like a 80’s inspired Don Quixote and Sancho Panza; fighting windmills through SNES-tinted glasses; unwilling to let these trouble weigh down their imaginations. And it seems like that might just be the thing this little island community needs…



Knights & Bikes has all the features you want in a Co-op Adventure Game:

Local Co-Op – Play through the entire game alone with AI helpers controlling the other characters in your party or have a friend join you on this mysterious adventure.

Explore – Jump on your bike and ride through the ominous wilderness areas of the island following the ever trusty beak of Captain Honkers.

Treasure – Trade collected treasure to acquire new abilities as well as upgrading those you already have by employing the various odd abilities of rescued islanders.

Quests – Complete the noble requests of the islanders to win their favor by rescuing loved ones, finding ancient relics, and solving puzzling mysteries.

Battle – Keep an eye on your health as you fight your way through treacherous dungeons using your improvised arsenal. Execute your combat abilities against possessed creatures to free them from their violent spiritual possession.




The game has 8 days remaining in it’s Kickstarter Crowd-Funding period. It has raised (at time of publishing this article) $113,164 of its $142,577 goal; just about 80% of the way there. If you’d like to contribute to the game it’s final week of funding, head to the Kickstarter page here.


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