Kickstarter Watch: IMMURE

Kickstarter Watch: IMMURE

As All Hallows Eve approaches, it’s the perfect time to delve into some spooky indie games, be they jump scare laden fright-fest, or more cerebral experiences of spookiness.

Currently on Kickstarter, IMMURE strikes a surprisingly solid balance between these two extremes of terror, having plenty of shocking moments, but also building itself of a foundation of slowly building psychological tension.


IMMURE is a 2.5D sidescroller, where you control both Will and the Shining Trapezohedron. Explore eerie environments for clues and items in order to solve the many mysteries held within the game. Enemies are ever-present and will use light/sound to seek you out. It is paramount to pay close attention to your surroundings and hide when danger is nearby as Will has limited means to defend himself.

Playing as Will, a character with a mysterious and troubled past, you explore the Mansion and the Dreamscapes that lurk behind it’s doors. The Mansion itself is a character in IMMURE, full of strange secrets and mystery cloaked in a disturbing cloak of symbolism and gore. Even in the short bit of play I’ve experience in the demo, the gears in my head were already turning, trying to figure out what might be lurking behind the many door scattered throughout the house.

Before going further, we should make sure you know that a demo of IMMURE is available on, and Game Jolt for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so if any of this sounds intriguing, check it out for yourself. I dove into the game and it’s first area to get a feel for what we might expect.


I absolutely LOVED the symbolism at play in IMMURE; everything feels very psychological in the same way it did in the early Silent Hill Games: I’m positive that as the story progresses, we’ll see more and more elements of horror drawn from the tragic backstory of the main character Will and his fracturing psyche. There’s very direct scares and spooks, but also this underlying dread tied to what I have to guess in insanity and mental instability.

I also loved that you’re presented with more than one way to address and deal with the wraiths you encounter. In the case of the first wraith, a terrifying fireman that murderously stalks the halls of an apartment building, you learn as you explore that recreating a suicide might destroy him, but also escaping with a little girl may in fact save this poor monsters soul. This moral choice thrown in the middle of a horrific situation give that choice weight and import, and I cannot wait to see what kind of effect this has on the larger story of the game.

What has been shown so far of IMMURE is mysterious, scary and has me incredibly interested in what horrors lie waiting to be discovered in the full game.

At the time of publication, the Kickstarter campaign for IMMURE has raised $2,983 of it’s rather lofty $75,000 goal, with the campaign concluding on November 14th.

If you’d like to become a backer of IMMURE, or want look at the different backer rewards available and stretch goals, then please head to the Kickstarter Campaign Page.

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