Kickstarter Watch: Hegemony III – Clash of the Ancients

Kickstarter Watch: Hegemony III – Clash of the Ancients


While at university, I studied Classical Civilization. I was all about Greece, Rome, Epics and Archaeology.  Besides giving me a greater understanding of Monty Python’s humor and ruining my ability to watch Gladiator without cringing, one thing that remains with me to this day is an abiding love for Ancient History in video game form. Rome: Total War and Civ City  are old favorites, and Apotheon is one of my most eagerly anticipated indie games.

So, when I stumbled across Hegemony III, I was, of course, hooked. However, what set the game apart for me was the time period it is looking to emulate. The founding of Rome is one of those periods of time that every Classicist and Ancient History buff knows is important, and knows the story of, but gets skipped over pretty quickly in favor of the political intrigue of the Republican period or the grandeur of the Empire.

Rome, as a struggling city state, is a very different portrait of one of histories greatest empires, and one that has a lot of potential as the strategy game being developed by Longbow Games.



Long before the conquests of Philip and Caesar, the untamed hills of ancient Italy were a battleground of cultures from the Celts and Etruscans in the north to the Greeks and Samnites in the south. Caught in the middle, a burgeoning young city-state called Rome – poised to become the next great power if it can fend off the ambitions of its powerful neighbours.

Hegemony III is a 3D Real Time Strategy (RTS) wargame for Windows PC set during the tumultuous period of Rome’s birth where ancient civilizations battle to forge the next great empire.

Building further upon the features that make the series unique, Hegemony III is big maps and grand strategy, real history and battlefield tactics, supply lines and raiders. All playing out in a single seamless world where you can instantly jump from a naval blockade to an epic field battle all while directing your scouts to burn down enemy farms in paused or real-time.

Hegemony III uses our latest engine to bring back classic Greek hoplites to battle early Roman legions in a hybrid sandbox combining historical battles with open-world strategy. Building off almost a year’s worth of updates to the Hegemony Engine, Clash of the Ancients includes further improvements to the AI and rendering system, an all new interface and a lot more.



I  hope this game, if successful in its funding, finds a niche not only as a strategy game, but as an educational aid. I learned an enormous amount about life and the armies of the ancient world from playing Age of Empires, Civ City, and Rome: Total War. Sure, it wasn’t always 100% accurate, and it was by no measn a deep understanding, but it was a pretty phenomenal way for me to create a foundational knowledge of certain aspect of history upon which I could build. Educational games do not need to all be Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing; As long as they are engaging, don’t seek to water-down the history, and provide ample means of learning more about the units you’re using or the places you’re conquering, I’d consider them a valuable tool

At the time of writing, Hegemony III has raised $6,704 of its $30,000 CAD goal.  There are still 16 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so if you would like to help fund this project, head to the game’s Kickstarter Page available here.

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