Kickstarter Watch: Fatal Flash

Kickstarter Watch: Fatal Flash

I first saw Fatal Flash at Play NYC. I was attracted to the game by it’s gritty art style, and interesting looking characters, but was ultimately unable to play the game due to technical difficulties. I wont lie: I was dissapointed. The game looked like it had a ton of potential to me and it seemed to be doing some cool things outside of the norm.

Well, my wait is over for getting a peak at the game: Fatal Flash is now on Kickstarter, looking to crowd fund the development of this 2D competitive arena brawler with a ton of style.


Fatal Flash is a Free-to-Play 2D Multiplayer Brawler coming to PCand Mac that’s full of beautiful pixel art. Our Kickstarter campaign begins February 27th and runs until March 29th.   We can’t wait to deliver the full experience in the months to come.

Before we go any farther: There’s a free demo available right now on, so if you want to kick the tires, there’s no excuse not to! Granted, this is a multiplayer game, so diving in with friends will probably give you a better experience.

New York based indie studio Single “A” Productions are the minds behind Fatal Flash, and they’ve got an interesting story: The team is spread out across a pretty huge distance. The lead designer is based in China,  the programmer is in Brazil, and the game’s artists are scattered all throughout the United States and Europe. It’s cool to see indie development and the internet bring together such a diverse group of people on one project, and I cannot wait to see the influences throughout the game.


Fatal Flash currently has 6 Archetypes to choose from:The Swordsman, The ArcherThe AssassinThe SHIELDThe Astralmancer, and The Nightmare

Each archetype has a set of abilities like you might find in a MOBA, yet the match plays out much more like a fighting game. Elimination mode is essentially a 3v3 Team Deathmatch or a Free-for-All. Variety is added into the game with the Loadout system, which allows players to pick from a series of cards which alter abilities and stats of the archetype they’ve picked to play as, much like a perk system, giving you more control over the way you want to play, and as a result, more variability in gameplay.

Fatal Flash‘s Kickstarter launched today, Tuesday, February 27, 2018 and run until March 29, 2018. The team is looking to raise $20,000, as as of the time of publication have raised over a quarter of that goal!

If you’re interested in supporting the games development, or want to see some more gameplay, head on over to the crowdfunding page!

*Disclaimer: The Author has not backed the game discussed in this article on Kickstarter as of Publication. All opinions are the authors own, and the objectivity of the piece may be influenced by any of the authors own biases as stated in the article or in this disclaimer.*

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