“Kickstarter” Watch: Dungeon Rushers

“Kickstarter” Watch: Dungeon Rushers

Okay, so it’s Indiegogo this time, but I’m not breaking up a good thematic article title! You need to branch out from one crowd-funding method every once in a while anyways. Without doing that, you might never run across Dungeon Rushers, a very neat looking 2D Dungeon creator. Well, maybe its a dungeon defender. No, well maybe it’s a dungeon exploration game. Okay, well there are definitely dungeons in it!


Dungeon Rushers is a challenging multiplayer rogue-like game, combining the gameplay of a 2D tactical RPG with the huge possibilities of a dungeon builder

Dungeon Rushers is a two-sided game: firstly you will explore dungeons and loot them. To overcome the traps and monsters waiting for you, you will have to put together a team using the best possible combination of Heroes. Secondly, build your own dungeon, and set up obstacles to protect your treasure from filthy looters.

To recruit your dream team, you will have to travel around a world where dungeons and castles were abandoned by humans, and where the worst creatures are roaming…

Two game modes will be available: Campaign (solo), and arena (multiplayer).

We want Dungeon Rushers to be a truly free-to-play game, playable at no cost (no pay-to-win). In the game, you will be able to unlock all the characters, items, weapons, creeps, missions or ranks without spending any money. You will only be able to buy decorations, new themes, or custom character designs. Those won’t impact the gameplay, keeping the game fair !

The thing that really interests me in Dungeon rushers is how much of character the Dungeon will undoubtedly become. There are tons of games that take place in dungeons, and sure the dungeons have some character as an environmental element, but I can’t think of many games that let you customize your own dungeon, fill it with monsters, traps, and other decorations, and then leave it for other players to encounter and explore while you put together are party to explore the dungeons created by other players.

Dungeon creation does really sound like the crux of this game, but then i remember that there is the entire side of the game planned for where you actually explore these creations!

There are 3 steps in the dungeon creation:

The rooms, the monsters/traps and the decorations. The maximum number of rooms or traps is defined by your dungeon level. This level can be increased with in-game gold (no real money needed).

Assemble rooms, put creeps and traps and decorate with awesomeness.

Every monster has a threat value and the maximum threat of the dungeon is defined by the addition of all your monsters, traps and rooms. Your role will be to combine those obstacles and create the deadliest dungeon ever.

A room can contain a unique trap or a group of monsters. You can of course unlock new creeps and bosses in the shop (with in-game gold).

At time of writing, Dungeon Rushers has raised just over $8,000 of its $40,000 goal, with 36 days left in funding. If you’d like to help in Dungeon Rusher’s funding campaign, consider heading to their Indiegogo page and donating.

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