Kickstarter Watch: Dragon Fin Soup

Kickstarter Watch: Dragon Fin Soup

Just because a game is already funded on Kickstarter doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve attention. In fact, sometimes its a sort of relaxing experience: You don’t need to worry about the project having to get enough money to make it, and can simply give money as a sort of pre-purchase with benefits. With that in mind, lets take a look at Dragon Fin Soup, a  RPG being created by Grimm Bros., which has already surpassed its very reasonable goal of $24,000, raising $60,352 at time of writing, with 11 days to go.

With a great cartoon aesthetic and a new take on classic fairy tales, as well as a deep tactical RPG with rogue-like elements, Dragon Fin Soup has a lot to offer. The world of Asura also seems like a place ripe for adventure, and the sense of humor that’s already present definitely warming me to the concept of the game:

The World of Dragon Fin Soup is set on the back of a giant dragon-turtle god called Asura who swims the multiverse of space-time.  The player can choose to unravel the tale of your chosen character in Story Mode or embark on a journey to discover the wilds of Asura in Survival Mode.

Story Mode is designed to focus on storytelling, character progression and exploration. The game begins in a small country village where you slowly learn about the mysteries of the world of Asura. You will encountering a custom blend of procedural content, scripted events, crafted story quests and procedurally generated missions.  The World Map of Asura and Save/Load options will be available to you.

Survival Mode is designed for the thrills and terrors that come with exploring the wilds of Asura, fighting challenging monsters, and surviving to achieve the highest score in single life. The game begins in a forest at level 1 with limited supplies. You will encounter waves of procedurally generated dungeons filled with traps, monsters, and mini-games that grow in increasing difficult over time.  Tread carefully Save/Load options are available but death is permanent.












Inspired by classic fairy tales the world of Dragon Fin soup does not try to retell existing stories but is rather set in a brave new world of twisted adventures, magic and mysteries. Our first playable character in Dragon Fin Soup is Red Robin, a reimagined version of the classic Red Riding Hood character. Robin is a cheerful yet raging alcoholic that makes a living as a sword for hire and bounty hunter in a remote country village.

A year ago Robin lost her memory but her dark bloody past has come back to haunt her with a vengeance. Slowly as Robin rediscovers herself she begins to remember the horrible events of her violent past, the death of her family, betrayal, and exile.  But there is much more to Robin’s existence… As the story unfolds and with every twist in the plot the player is pulled deeper into a world of murder, conspiracies and magic.

The other thing that is impressive about Dragon Fin Soup is just how much they are promising. There are a ton of features being planned., a clear eye being turned towards replay-ability and randomly generated content. Planned features for the game include:

  • Beautiful HD World – The world of Dragon Fin Soup is charming, colorful, detailed and designed to look fantastic at multiple HD resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Collectible Pet Familiars – You can have up to 2 pets familiars active at the same time. You will be able to collect a variety of pets each with their own stats and level that will grow while fighting at your side.
  • Crafted Story Quests – Our story quests are carefully written and scripted to advance the unfolding tale of your character within the world of Asura.  No spoilers!
  • Deep Tactical Combat – Combat features multiple tactical elements such as directional damage, various ranged attacks, melee, magic, DOT and AOA. The damage model features blunt, piercing and slashing damage types as well as elemental damage, projectile damage and defense.  You can perform Backstabs, sneak around and so on. Over 15 equipment slots and dual-wielding feature offer interesting choices of gear combinations.
  • Dynamically Generated World – The world of Asura is dynamically generated with a large numbers of prefabricated landmarks, scripted events and random gameplay elements.  Our dungeons features a wide range of compelling locations and layouts for you to explore such as Spider Forests, Ice Caves, Abandoned Mines, Scorching Deserts, Mushroom Forests, Haunted Mansions, Castles, Ancient Ruins and much much more.
  • Extensive Crafting – Loot everywhere! While cutting down foes and trees, digging and exploring you will find gazillions of items that can be used to craft new gear, food, magic potions and what not!
  • Fluid Turn based Gameplay – Streamlined controls, movement and combat allow for you to set your own pace of progression.  Choose to speed-up to quickly move and strike or slow-down to carefully plan your next move.
  • High Accessibility – We designed fun and intuitive controls for your play style choice. Keyboard, Mouse, Keyboard + Mouse, Joypad, and Touch controls are all supported.
  • Interactive Environment – In the world you can destroy, move or manipulate a wide range of props, trees, rocks, blocks, and chests.  Beware of trees falling over if you cut them down!
  • Mini Games & Puzzles – Tired of killing? Kick back and relax! Go fishing or pick up a shovel and dig some holes into the ground, who knows what you may find? There is much to do in DFS aside of spilling blood!  Rune tracking, gathering, puzzles, side quests, fishing!  Dungeons are loaded with scripted events, ambushes, traps and movable blocks!
  • NPCs for Hire – Having trouble with a mission or need company? Hire some muscle! Badass Sword specialists, Metal Head Rangers or a dude who will carry your purse are at your service!
  • Procedurally Generated Missions – We offer a variety of fun and engaging mission themes such as escort, gathering, retrieval, raid, delivery, seek-and-destroy, and crafting.
  • Twisted Characters – In Dragon Fin Soup there are no lame stereotypical heroes. Instead we feature fairy tale inspired characters each with their own deep flaws, witty humor, abilities, and motivations. Our first tale begins with Red Robin, whose dark bloody past has come back to haunt her with a vengeance.
  • Unpredictable Weather & Day/Night Cycles – Each time you visit or revisit a location a new kind of weather will be picked randomly.  Day and night cycles gradually progress the more game turns pass. Beware of dangerous monsters rumored to hunt during specific times!

In short, Dragon Fin Soup looks like a hell of a lot of game, a hell of a lot of fun, and well worth backing. Without the danger of not making funding, there isn’t too much risk, and there are certainly a good number of rewards!

Those wanting to back Dragon Fin Soup can head to the game Kickstarter page here.


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