Just Shapes & Beats Gets 1.1 Update

Just Shapes & Beats Gets 1.1 Update

You might have noticed we’re pretty big fans of Just Shapes & Beats at IndieHangover.

So we’re pretty excited that, announced today, Berzerk Studio is launching Update 1.1 for Just Shapes & Beats, which will bring with it 5 new tracks, new language support, bug-fixes and engine tweaks.


This is, of course, awesome, but not the most exciting part of the announcement if you ask me.

Also announced was Berzerk Studios plan to offer ongoing free content updates to Just Shapes & Beats. This is, in part, going to come in the form of a series of Mixtape updates, which will be a collection of new tracks for players to enjoy. This first update includes tracks from Shirobon, Fantomenk, Zef and Meganeko, and in my opinion is just about the perfect way to keep things fresh with Just Shapes & Beats.

Better get some beers and round up the crew…

Just Shapes and Beats is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


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