Journey’s Dawn v1.6 Rises for Armello

Journey’s Dawn v1.6 Rises for Armello

Armello’s new patch arrived last night and brings with it five new major features.

The first two have little to do with the game itself, but how the game works. A new version of the muliplayer systems has been released, focusing on player disconnects and AI takeovers that mark a significant milestne. There has also been an in game shop set up, providing an alternative to the having to navigate out of the game.

The meat and potatoes however is the addition of amulets, hero skins and a balance pass on the cards in game.

The two new amulets are as follows:

  • Discipline: Doubles the Clan Affinity Dice bonus
  • Resist: Gain +1 Shield in Battles and Perils

HeroSkins are now available in the In game shop for Armello’s four original heroes:



For those interested, here are the full patch notes:

New Amulets
Resist: Gain +1 Shield in Battles and Perils. Granted from player reaching Level 10.
Discipline: Doubles the Clan Affinity Dice Bonus from +1 to +2 Dice. Granted from completing a public multiplayer game of Armello.

Card Changes
Sailor’s Lantern (Item Card): Decrease Gold cost from 2 to 1.
Mercenaries (Trickery Card): Change target tiles to ‘Any Tile’, from Settlement, Forest, Plains.
Cat Burglar (Trickery Card): Add ‘Hero’ as a valid target in addition to the Settlement and Dungeon.
Bribery (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 2 and Change Gold cost from 4 to 3.
Allies’ Pact (Trickery Card): Change Gold cost from 3 to 2.
Wandering Circus (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 3.
Crooks (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 3.
Pickpockets (Trickery Card): Effect Adj from (Steal 1 Gold. If target can’t pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) to (Steal 2 Gold. If target can’t pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) and Change quantity in Deck to 3.

Ring Change
Rubellite Wolf Signet Ring: Effect Adj from (+3 Fight while you have only 1 Health.) to (+3 Fight while you have 3 Health or less.).

Multiplayer Changes
The search eye has been spruced up and now closes when not searching.
We’ve stabilised some of the multiplayer code to fix numerous bugs that were too large to hotfix on v1.5. More info over here.

Skeeves’ Store
What a familiar face! Now featured in-game is Skeeves Store, a place to purchase all the Armello items and check out the Marketplace.

Hero Skin System
Alternative skins for our first set of Heroes have been brought to the land of Armello. This includes a system to equip and preview them both in your Inventory and the Hero Select screen.


Gameplay Changes
Quick AI turns are now on by default when you first play Armello.
King’s Declaration ‘Royal Flush’ has been swapped from the first tier with ‘Royal Challenge’ which is in a later tier.

Ring & Amulet progression are now no longer locally saved, instead saved on the Steam Cloud server. This means that if your hard drive is full or wiped you won’t lose your progress!
In Audio/Video options there is now a “Windowed Mode” option.
Polish pass of “Continue.. X” prompts.
Polish pass of Quest select screen.

Bug Fixes
Hyena in the Pack achievement is now working as intended.
Fixed an issue with some card animations in the Card Gallery and Inventory not looping.
Fixed an issue where Killing Blow isn’t triggered for when Magna’s reflect Hero Power is activated.

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