Interview: Sam Ruggieri of Voyager Games

Interview: Sam Ruggieri of Voyager Games

At Dave Stanely’s suggestion, I recently looked into Outer Colony. Initially, the game didn’t jump out at me: The UI is less than user friendly, the graphics aren’t particularly amazing and the claim of “advanced NPC AI” seemed a bit far fetched for the type of game being created.

But here’s the thing; once I started looking into the game, watching the tutorial series, and reading some of the information on the game, I realized something. The game is strategically dense, and the graphics reinforce that, but all the claims about truly advanced AI actually seemed ¬†valid, and Outer Colony has real potential to be something special in the RTS Genre.

I was ecstatic to get to talk with Sam Ruggieri, Voyager Games’ founder and the lead developer behind Outer Colony. I wanted to know what drew him to build a world so focused on AI, how he’s grappling with accessibility, and what drew him to independent game development.



Our thanks to Sam for taking the time to talk with us about Outer Colony and his background.

If you’d like to learn more about Outer Colony, check out the website, or the work-in-progress video tutorial series.

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