Interview: Rodrigo Costa on ARENA GODS

Interview: Rodrigo Costa on ARENA GODS

ARENA GODS has been a constant at the past few PAX Easts we’ve been to, always drawing a crowd of gamers eager to duke it out against each other. It’s easily one of the best party games I’ve seen in recent years: it has a clearly recognizable art style, fast paced and chaotic combat that controls beautifully, and maps with enough freedom and opportunity to turn the tables of any combat in moments.

ARENA GODS is now releasing into Early Access on Steam. Ahead of today’s Early Access Release, we had the chance to talk with Rodrigo Costa, art director and project lead on ARENA GODS. In this interview, we discuss the game’s aesthetic changes, map design, and what drew Rodrigo to indie development.



Our thanks to Rodrigo for taking the time to talk with us during what was

ARENA GODS is available on Steam today

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