Interview: Nelson Sexton of Smartly Dressed Games

Interview: Nelson Sexton of Smartly Dressed Games

Unturned is one of those game’s my gaming crew always ends up coming back to. We’ll crack a few adult beverages, divide up into teams and pick a map, scavenging the zombie-filled shores of PEI or ruined city of Berlin, gathering what supplies we can in a small amount f time before it’s time for a brutal death match.

Unturned is one of those “make your own fun” kind of game’s and the community reflects that: what started out as a survival simulator in the vein of Day Z has blossomed into a playground for modders looking to make their own version of the game, be it a world full of new and impressive structures, vehicles and weapons, or  a battle royale clone of PUBG with more colorful graphics.

We had the chance to talk with developer Nelson Sexton about Unturned’s unique style, how it’s changed over time, and what the impending 4.0 release might entail. We also discuss how Nelson got into making indie games and some of his inspirations.



Our thanks to Nelson for taking the time to talk with us and share his story.

You can find Unturned on Steam, and if you want to know more about Unturned’s 4.0 release, check out Nelson’s development blog here

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  1. Awesome interview, its incredible to think what Nelson has achieved already at such a young age. It seems that kids nowadays that have access to the right information can achieve things that people 2 or 3 times their ages can barely understand. Teaching coding at school and tying it in with things kids enjoy like Minecraft is going to lead to an army of clever programmers in the next decade

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