Interview: Max Arocena of Colorfiction

Interview: Max Arocena of Colorfiction

Sure, the surreal isn’t for everyone, but I love diving into experiences and worlds that relish in the bizarre, the unusual, the weird and the strange. While traditional art and film of course founded this genre, video games have become a platform for surrealism in a way no other medium can really tough: digitally immersing you in the surreal and making that experience immensely personal.

One of the best surreal experiences I’ve discovered in video games, particularly recently, has been 0°N 0°W, a first person exploration game that presents an entirely non linear experience through multiple open worlds and where the focus is on having a meditative adventure with the sole objective of discovering beautiful environments.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with Max Arocena, also known as Colorfiction, the developer of 0°N 0°W. In this interview, we talk about the game’s inception, its harsh but relaxing aesthetic, and what drew Max to the world of independent game development.


Our thanks to Max for taking the time to talk with us, and for sharing his story.

0°N 0°W is now available on and Steam.

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