Interview: Jeroen Wimmers of Illusive Games

Interview: Jeroen Wimmers of Illusive Games

When I first saw Circles at the PAX East Indie Minibooth, I was immediately intrigued by the minimalism on display (long time readers have probably realized a minimalist art design is a sure fire may to get my attention). Then when I was handed a controller and given no instruction, just beckoned towards the warm matte colors of a number of circles, I knew the Circles was doing something right.

There are absolutely no instructions in Circles. Heck, there are no words at all in Circles, and you learn the game’s mechanics and rules by trial and error as you progress from puzzle to puzzle. You never know exactly which mechanics are going to be in play when you start a level, and while things do tend to progress in a more of less thematic way, every single puzzle feels like a circular mystery in need of solving.

We had the opportunity to talk to Jeroen Wimmers of Illusive Games, the one man development team behind Circles, and leapt at it. We discussed the pros and cons of such a minimalist design in both art and instruction, the mechanics of puzzle building, and Jeroen’s time as an Independent Game Developer:



A sincere thank you to Jeroen for taking the time to talk with us about his process, and the ideas and concepts behind Circles

Circles is expected this Summer, but is officially slated as “When It’s Finished”. You can find more information on the game’s Steam Page.

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