Interview: Danny Silvers of Lantana Games

Interview: Danny Silvers of Lantana Games

Games have an incredible ability and opportunity to teach, but all to often the games that set out to be educational in some way are…well, bad. If you’re going to create a work of entertainment or art that’s also meant to be educational, then it should be entertaining or artistic, and you cannot rely on the good intentions of education to make it good.

With this in mind, let me introduce you to Mondrian: Abstraction in Beauty and it’s sequel, Mondrian: Plastic Realty, a unique block-breaking indie game that teaches art history while also being a damn entertaining and challenging game in its own right. We were lucky to be able to chat with Danny Silvers of Lantana Games, and to be able to talk about Mondrian in our latest Indie Dev Interview. We discuss where this idea came from, the challenges inherit in a 360 degree block breaking game, and how Danny came to the world of independent game development.



Our thanks to Danny for taking the time to talk with us and share these stories.

Mondrian: Abstraction in Beauty is available on and on Steam.
You can find the sequel, Mondrian: Plastic Realty on and Game Jolt, with a Steam release planned at a later date.

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