Interview: Bryan Gale on Induction

Interview: Bryan Gale on Induction

Induction is a game that will stun you in two ways. First, it’s clean minimalist graphics, fantastic soundtrack and surrealist tackling of time travel will stun you with just how good they are. Second, the time-travel and paradox based puzzles will stun you because of just how much your brain will hurt trying to unwravel them

Induction is a minimalist time-travel puzzle game we first covered at PAX 2015. Giving you no instruction and letting you  figure out the game’s internal logic of time travel without any sort of tutorial is part of Induction charm, even if it does add an extra level of difficulty. It’s a fascinating creation, and we were eager to learn more about how it came to be.

Luckily, we were to be able to talk with Bryan Gale, the developer of Induction, just before the game’s launch tomorrow on February 7th. We discussed where the inspiration for this game came from, the game’s complex internal logic, and Bryan’s journey as a game development:



Our thanks to Bryan for taking a bit of time out of his busy pre-launch week to talk with us about Induction and his experience as an independent game developer.

Induction will be available on Steam and the Humble Store tomorrow February 7th.

Not sure if you’ll be interested? Stay tuned for our full review of Induction tomorrow!

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